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I Am Ready Men Why do latina women like black men

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Why do latina women like black men

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Please be alone (I don't need any issues with husbands or jealous boyfriends), and include a recent photo and I'll respond in kind. Seeking for a girl of any ethnicity.

Age: 40
Relationship Status: Newlyweds
Seeking: I Want Dating
City: San Antonio, TX
Hair:Blond copper
Relation Type: Lonely Matures Search Girls For Fucking

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Lipstick Alley.

I'm Mexican, But Date Black Men

This site uses cookies. By continuing to bllack this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Dec 12, 1. The amount of comments under this post in proportion to the views, subscriber count and upload date is absolutely ridiculous and further proof that Youtube Algorithms are race-based and suck I never watch these type of why do latina women like black men unless I'm in a private window.

There is no reason why these videos should be popping up under my recommendations list 2. Black people are thirsty af for validation.

Fucking Shemales 5

Lordt help us. She doesn't understand generalizations about black men being deadbeat fathers and bad spouses Goes on to state that her parents are anti-black but "it's not their fault," that's how they were raised.

Played a joke on her mom one day by telling her she had a why do latina women like black men boyfriend. Mom threatened to kick her out if she had brought home a black bf.

Last edited: Dec 13, Dec 12, 2. I won't give her the view, but I do agree with your sentiments. Thanks x 6 LOL! Dec 12, 3. Thanks x 2 Disagree!

Dec 13, 4. This video popped up on my recommendations as well I watched it tho, she talks about her racist mom and how black women feel that they're taking our men. Dec 13, 5. I mean if she has a Mexican Husband what does she mean by the taboo of dating black men stops with me??? To be honest this topic shouldn't have anything to do with.

If she wants to be open minded to her children then be so, but I don't understand making a whole video about it. So again I fail to see why her as a married woman would care so much about this topic.

Thanks x 29 Disagree! Dec 13, 6. Did she bring up black women?

Funny Chubby Girl

If so, how and in what context. Thanks x 22 LOL!

Dec 13, 7. This was recommended to me. I didn't click and I won't. Thanks x 6. Dec 13, 8. Thanks x Dec 13, 9. They even have black deities in their botanica shops Thanks x 9 Skeptical x 2 WTF! I keep telling y'all. It's the same reason why the pale white girls why do latina women like black men bronzing to look mixed.

Why this latina with a Mexican husband is positioning herself in front of black men. This aesthetic is revered by black men. They will go to the ends of the earth for it.

It's just good business. Thanks x 29 LOL! I know her statement about deadbeat black fathers warmed their hearts. You have to take another L OP cause you just advertised her videos for her for free, getting her more clicks, views, and attention on a popular gossip site.

Rise of Interracial Dating: More Latina Women Dating Black Men

Thanks x 28 Disagree! Thanks x 25 LOL! Thanks x 4 Disagree! They know they are hated and looked down upon by whites but it makes them feel good to let people know well at least we look down on ehy.

Thanks x 33 LOL! Thanks x 4 LOL! Dec 14, When did it become cute to wear eyeliner as why do latina women like black men Ok first of all I hate her eyeliner. Mexican girls supposed to be on point with the eyeliner so idk what this girl is doing Second of all IDC if Latinas date black men.

I get the feeling that she's looking for a black side piece. It doesn't make sense if you're so happily married why are you making videos about other races of men?

Am I Afro-Latina? Why More Latina Women Are Embracing The Term

Is her husband aware? Mexican men don't play the radio about that shit, I'm surprised he hasn't let her know it's disrespectful. Thanks x 8. Jan 5, I did not watch the video. But MORE so they white women.

These women are NOT attracted to black men but they love love being worshipped. More so than white women. I know this because one is in our family. She is extremely racist. I don't know how these black men even entertain them after one setting. I would say that Mexicas are way worse than other Latin countries.

Why do latina women like black men

Because believe me they have a different agenda going. Thanks x emn Skeptical x 1. Thanks x 7. Thanks x 3. You must log in or sign up to reply. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet.

Why do latina women like black men

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