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I live on the edge in a dangerous, mentally degrading environment. I have evolved to be a very physical person, finding that expressing myself through action rather than words earns me great respect.

This used to be an extremely stressful existence for me. I live in a world of mostly black, hardened gang bangers. I was just a peon to them, a white boy without gang “brothers”…

I had no real purpose in life until I began to show others what I knew. I have taught GED classes, mentored numerous guys in art and tattoos, and have trained countless guys in fitness and boxing. The teachings were mostly what I learned in books I’ve read since being incarcerated. The rest I credit to my mom for giving me a decent brain and to my friend and mentor who taught me boxing.

When I realized that I was doing something worthwhile my outlook on life changed. I had a Purpose now. I have found a niche where I can improve myself by helping others improve themselves.

I had to master my emotions before I could do any of these things. If you can’t control your own emotions, you have no real chance of guiding others.

I’m too active for involved meditation. I endeavor to guide my emotions as opposed to outright blocking them. Mindfulness, being aware when a situation gives you a powerful emotional response, is a discipline I practice daily. I don’t react to people’s negative attitudes or lack of motivation; I ACT. I mentally step away from the situation and pause, thinking, “What influenced this behavior? What caused them to say that/do that???” Then, instead of reacting emotionally, I act with understanding, helping solve the underlying problem the caused the negative attitude.

Over the years I’ve developed the ability to devise mental exercises for others, simple awareness drills that help individuals – prisoners, officers and free-world folks – get over their own mental humps and solve real problems in their lives. These simple personalized mental drills, when practiced daily, have had significant, life-altering results for many people.

Presence of Mind, invites folks to participate in awareness exercises designed to bring attention to counterproductive actions. Over time, you will internalize these exercises so that they become instinct, and will no longer make bad decisions because you were upset, no longer make excuses/procrastinate instead of just taking care of business, no longer spend hours, every day, stressing about problems instead of thinking of solutions. You will realize how much of your life you were WASTING on meaningless drama..

You will look forward to using your newfound mental fitness to improve your station in life. Your home life, family life, relationship with friends and co-workers, will have more meaning, I promise you. Your mental strengthening will put a halt to those stress hormones that make you anxious, angry, depressed, etc. You will simply FEEL BETTER.

Once you have reached a certain level of mental fitness, I’d love to mentor you in physical fitness, strengthening your body so it can hold up to the ambition and motivation pulsing from your finely tuned mind…

It’s important to discuss your progress. We’ll do that privately or anonymously if you like. I’d like to hear about your past problems and how you solved them, and I will encourage you to share them; you will never have those problems again, but there are tons of folks out there with those same problems that would love to know how you worked through them.

Sound good to you? This is real, completely possible for anyone, and I’m here to help you become CEO of You.

Better believe it!

– Coach Chris

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