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**Listen to me…**

A bad attitude is the only true disability.

Pessimism and cynicism kill inspiration just as effectively as being passive or submitting to a bad temper.

If you aren’t thinking, speaking and moving with Let’s Make It Happen pep, then you have fallen victim to that evil MFer, Bad Attitude.

Making excuses? Bad Attitude has you enthralled.

There is SO MUCH happening out there that nurtures counterproductive emotions and actions.

People use their time and brainpower creating excuses, spending far too much of their lives in Unproductitude. They are fully committed to those excuses, their entire lives revolving around them, like potential life-producing planets held too close to a star’s radiation.

Are you guilty of this?

What’s the most creative, far-fetched excuse you’ve made lately? Out loud, say what you were supposed to do and why you excused yourself from it.

The creative energy spent on excuses should be invested in good ideas, solutions to problems, and how to implement them into your life…

Bad Attitude is the good idea killer. And B.A.’s weapon of choice?

A fully equipped Excuse Cannon, loaded with rapid-firing Brushoffs and whopping, life destroying Mega Lies. Everyone you know has been blasted by Bad Attitude and the Excuse Cannon.

B.A.! That S.O.B.

Are you ashamed of the excuses you make? Do you feel worthless, personally or professionally? Most people do at some point, and for the exact same reasons.

Get armed!

You can arm yourself against Bad Attitude, avoid being a target of the Excuse Cannon…

You interested in simply FEELING BETTER? Being more productive, being mentally and physically MORE,being able to make a difference in your family and community?

Trying to impress people is as natural as breathing and can be as rewarding as a warm, loving hug from your parents. Impress people with a positive attitude, INFECT them with it, and they will be eternally grateful. B*tc# slap Bad Attitude out their awareness, okay?

…then buff your nails on your shirt.

Commit yourself in that direction, and understand here and now that it’s a COMMITMENT to MENTAL DISCIPLINE, gradually, progressively altering your thought process to ACT instead of react to negativity triggers…

Be AWARE of when you make excuses. Actually take a moment to fully realize, Hey, I just made an excuse instead of getting it done…

And then do the OPPOSITE:

DO the thing you just excused yourself from.

And enjoy the feeling of achievement.


**You better believe it**

– Coach Chris

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