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PRISM is an acronym for the program launched by the National Security Agency to collect nsa acronym analyze massive volumes of private data stored on servers operated by Internet service providers and held by large web companies nsa acronym MicrosoftYahoo!

The NSA does not need a warrant to obtain the information, though the constitutionality of the program has been called into question.

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A federal judge declared the program illegal in Those data are contained in audio, video and image files, nsa acronym messages and web searches on major U. Internet company websites. The National Security Agency has acknowledged that it nsa acronym wcronym from some Americans without a warrant in the name of national security.

It has not said how often that happens. Officials have said the government's policy is to destroy such personal information.

All that intelligence officials will say is that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act cannot be used to "intentionally target any U. Instead, PRISM is used for "an appropriate, and documented, foreign intelligence purpose for the acquisition such as for the prevention of terrorism, hostile cyber activities, or nuclear proliferation and the foreign target is reasonably believed to nsa acronym outside the United States.

nsa acronym

Intelligence officials say they are authorized to monitor such communications and data nsa acronym an effort to prevent terrorism. They monitor servers and communications in the United States because they may hold valuable information that originated overseas. Members of the nsa acronym community say they have a right to use the PRISM program and similar surveillance techniques na monitoring electronic communications under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

Bush 's administration, which ramped up national security efforts in the wake of the terrorist attacks of Sept. The National Security Agency's surveillance efforts are acronyk, foremost, by the U. Constitution and are supposed to be overseen by a number of entities including the executive, legislation and judicial branches of the federal government. The revelation that the nsa acronym was monitoring such Internet communications nsa acronym disclosed during President Barack Obama's administration.

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It came under scrutiny by members of both major political parties. Obama defended the PRISM program, however, by saying nsa acronym was necessary for Americans to give up some measure of privacy in order to remain safe from terrorist nsa acronym.

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Share Flipboard Email. Issues The U.

Legal System U. Foreign Policy U.

Liberal Politics U. Updated March 27, Here are some questions and answers about the program nsa acronym the NSA acronym.

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Yes, according to unnamed government sources. Continue Reading.

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