Sketch of the author done by his wife

 Chris Roy began his quest to become a novelist in 2007, when he created Razor and Blondie, a criminal couple that would teach readers how to plan and execute jobs in a fast-paced series of stories.

In the beginning he had the benefit of living with friends – Roy Harper, Steven Farris, and Trent Eason, all High Risk prisoners – that were aspiring writers themselves. Roy was the first to begin writing a novel. The other three wrote short stories to post on a Myspace blog operated by Steven’s mom. Naturally, they all wrote crime fiction.

The Myspace blog didn’t work out. Steven and Trent directed their writing talents elsewhere (Info on Steven’s blogs at end of story timeline) but Chris kept writing the Razor and Blondie stories. People liked them. Encouraged by the positive feedback, Chris decided to take the art of fiction writing seriously. How to Write a Breakout Novel, Writer’s Market, and Writing Fiction for Dummies are examples of numerous books he studied on the subject.

Since 2012 he has authored two trilogies, numerous short stories, and, most recently, his first novella…all while housed in Supermax and maximum security prisons for over 17 years as an unjustly convicted murderer.
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“As real as a punch to the head … Chris Roy tells a brutal story that has the ring of truth.” - George "Harley" Davidson (Advanced Reader Review - Shocking Circumstances)

The Shocking Circumstances Trilogy

An astonishing tale of a legendary fighter who goes beyond all limits, challenging impossible odds, to get back what was taken from her…her family and her freedom.

On Creating Characters

“Characters must have skills or a talent of some kind. While creating the protagonist for the Shocking Circumstances series, I knew they would be a boxer with mechanic skills, and probably an artist of some sort. Then I thought to myself, What’s more impressive than a guy who can fix cars, do world class tattoos, and box like a pro?  The answer: a girl who can. So the Shocker was born!”  

On Creating Action Scenes

Action scenes are intrinsic to the Shocking Circumstances trilogy. Without the innumerable mental and physical lessons instilled in him by his boxing coach, Fred Williams, Chris wouldn’t have the knowledge to pen his exciting fight scenes. Learn more about how a chance meeting in the MDOC developed into Chris' passion for weaving inspiration into action here...

“Shocker” – Original Art By C.Roy.

     Original Cover Concept

Shocking Circumstances Book I

What would a champion boxer do if she was set up and imprisoned, lost her family, home and business, friends…her life? She would fight.

With a killer instinct sharpened by despair and a raging maternal will, retired boxing phenom Clarice “Shocker” Ares experiences heart-wrenching loss and unrivaled joy in her quest to escape prison hell and reunite with her family.

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Book I Trivia

“I didn't want the ref to count her out. I wanted her to get up so I could ride that roller coaster again. Feel that satisfying crunch of her jaw that made her eyes flash like flags of surrender.” - Clarice "Shocker" Ares

The Blue Horizon

A fan of Bernard Hopkins, Chris chose the famous boxing venue, the Blue Horizon, as the setting for The Shocker’s final professional fight in Book I of the S.C. trilogy. In his return to the ring, Hopkins won his first middleweight career fight in a unanimous decision over Greg Paige at the Blue Horizon, on February 22, 1990.

Book II Trivia

“My bra was a Bob Barker's piece of crap. The tag says it was made in Pakistan. My mind couldn't help cuing sweat shop clichés with kids and old ladies laboring over sewing machines twenty hours a day for pennies.” - Clarice "Shocker" Ares

Bob Barker Prison Wear

In 2008, the Bob Barker Co., a family-owned business based in Fuquay-Varina, N.C., was accused of using sweatshop labor. The allegations stem from work at a Bangladesh factory that supplied the company with inmate undergarments. In his years in the MDOC, Chris has found Bob Barker Co. tags on pillows, mattresses and even clothing items.

Shocking Circumstances Book II

Incarcerated and desperate after court appeals are denied, Clarice must become the Shocker once more, challenging rival convicts in a deadly prison fight ring in order to finance her escape. Battling his own tribulations as a prisoner, armed with only his brilliant electronic wizardry, Ace manipulates the court system to arrange a daring double prison break.

Shocking Circumstances Book III

Following a bold, perilous flight to freedom, the pair join forces with Eddy, the Shocker’s dynamic coach, and Bobby, a bodybuilder and long-time family friend. Together, the team enacts merciless revenge on the corrupt policemen who sent them away and destroyed their once peaceful existence. Their abilities are put to the ultimate test in an emotionally charged ending that endangers everyone.

Book III Trivia

“The driver, wired to the gills on Red Bull, hummed along to an R&B slow jam. I liked the too slow, too smooth music for one reason: it would provide cover for the noise I was about to make removing my chains.
"Hum that song, baby.” - Clarice "Shocker" Ares

Prison Escapes

Prisoner escapes are an everyday occurrence in the United States. Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) data from 2013, the most recent year available, noted 2,001 counts of “AWOL/escape” among prisoners serving sentences of more than one year, including 22 in New York alone.

“This is a great story. One must not see the circumstances of the author but his ability to ensnare you within the story he writes. I started to read this book and believe me it is a good one!”N. Anthony (Advanced Reader Review - Sharp As A Razor)

The Sharp As A Razor Trilogy

An unusual message from their murdered boxing coach unites reformed criminals Razor and Blondie with the legendary superstar, Clarice “Shocker” Ares. His request: take on the fearsome Vietnamese Mafia. The mission will thrust the group into something far larger, darker, and deadlier than they could have ever imagined.

On Creating The Unknown

You can’t write what you don’t know. For the Sharp As A Razor trilogy Chris researched the technologies of botnets and drones, and even engineered his own concepts to bring the story to life. To give the characters their identity, he became a student of Vietnamese language and culture, taking lessons through a friend while on High Risk in Parchman’s maximum security Unit 29. You can read more about his immersion into Vietnamese here.

On Creating Connections

“Every great story has the element of connection, of the reader finding themselves in the details. Usually that link is made with a character. In the beginning of Sharp As A Razor, the protagonist is a real bastard. As the story progresses though, he’s required to question his humanity. He rises to the occasion and, slowly, against his instincts, transforms his outlook on life and view of people. A journey readers can identify with.”

Original Handwritten Draft

        Original Cover Concept

Book I Trivia

“As a way of dealing with the unfair pressures thrust upon my teenage-self, I developed my own therapy. My own twisted anger management: I would find a crowd of men - old, young, redneck or gangster - and jump them.” - Razor

Battle At The Beach

This scene in Book I is based on actual events. In the late 60s, two boxers took on seventeen football players on the Ocean Springs front beach. The local paper covered the story with the headline BATTLE AT THE FRONT BEACH. One of the boxers was Fred, Chris' boxing coach.

Sharp As A Razor Book I

Elaborate cons, impossible heists and high-speed chases were his thing. His talent in boxing and engineering made those pursuits a gamble with death he never wanted to quit. Then he left the world of crime with his woman, a blonde bombshell who was also accomplished in boxing and was his engineering equal. Their late boxing coach gives them a reason to return to The Life with his last wish. His will instructs his former pupils to join with other multitalented individuals, form a team that will commit major crimes for the sake of communities on the Gulf Coast. A job Coach Eddy started before he was murdered: Taking on the Vietnamese Mafia.

Sharp As A Razor Book II

It started with a job he was very experienced with: fighting a crowd of thugs. His team got their message heard loud and clear by the man at the top of the Tiger Society.

The street gangs stopped extorting local businesses… and went after Razor with the full force of the Vietnamese Mafia. His team of extraordinary talents, having been tested like a sword in a forge, goes after them.

Book II Trivia

“Covert Op tech for now," I said, enjoying their reaction to my girl's masterpiece. "Though in a few years it might be Big Brother in your head.” - Razor

Big Brother Brain Waves

An article from Time, Sept. 2008, echoed Razors idea: The U.S. Army has just awarded a $4 million contract to begin developing "thought helmets" that would harness silent brain waves for secure communication among troops. Ultimately, the Army hopes the project will "lead to direct mental control of military systems by thought alone."

Book III Trivia

“I know alligators. I played in the bayous as a kid. They were checking her out right now, investigating the source of splashing in their domain, hoping it was a wounded animal. Or one that couldn't swim very fast. In a moment they would go under… and attack. I had only that moment.” - Razor

Survival In The Swamp

One night in ‘95, at a popular bayou swimming spot called "Big Ben", Chris' friends were jumping off wooden platforms nailed to huge oak trees that twisted out over the murky water, while he enjoyed the rope swing. The fun ended when a 7-foot alligator appeared in the water under Chris just as he was about to let go of the rope. He saw it and pulled his feet up, swung back and landed on the tree narrowly escaping the beast below.

Sharp As A Razor Book III

He barely survived the encounter with Anh Ho, the Elder Tiger of the Vietnamese Mafia. Gangsters raided his domain. Professional mercenaries murdered his allies in the Dragon Family and kidnapped his woman’s parents and two innocent boys. His team barely survived the attack and the clash with police…

The battle with the Tiger Society in the center of the city destroyed any chance of accomplishing the job without the authorities involved. Razor’s ingenuity and his team’s rare abilities are hard pressed in a war of wits, tech, and physical mayhem.

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New Pulp Press

“Bullets, Booze and Bastards”
New Pulp Press: Bringing you the most original voices in crime fiction, neo-noir and neo pulp.
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Special Feature – Near To The Knuckle 2017

… Out of the haze of fog drifting over the water emerged a man. Behind him, as if he had bore a tunnel through the thick gloom, were woods with ancient oak trees twisting out into the bayou. Long tendrils of dull gray moss snaking down to the mud seemed to vibrate with a dissonant buzz; hundreds of thousands of insects clung to the trees and brush along the bank, belting out a chorus that was randomly broken up by disturbances in the water.
Continue reading Marsh Madness – Chris’ first short story horror-crime fiction crossover published by Near To The Knuckle here!

Special Feature – Quantum Shorts 2013

One of Chris’ greatest passions is science! He can often be found studying everything from human evolution to galactic technology and all points in between. Check out his 2013 entry to the Scientific American sponsored writing competition Quantum Shorts here.

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