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Authors on the Air: March 11, 2017

Noir on the Radio host Greg Barth capped off a day of interviews behind prison walls (see Roy Harper’s below) with one from Chris.

In his first ever radio interview Chris talks to Greg about his debut novel Shocking Circumstances, as well as his life in and out of prison, his two escapes from the MDOC, and the website (Ue) being built to highlight his unjust life sentence and effort to regain his freedom.

Greg describes Chris’ story as “The most compelling true story as well as introduction to a crime fiction novel as you will find.” It is another captivating interview by Greg that you won’t want to miss.

Greg’s interview with Roy Harper was live from Sterling Correctional Facility in CO on the morning of March 11th. In it, Roy talked about his novels, his life and experiences in Mississippi and Colorado supermax prisons, and was joined by former Associate Director of the ACLU’s National Prison Project – Margaret Winter – to discuss his win in the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. That win was a precursor to a much larger win by the ACLU as well as subsequent lawsuits that changed the shape of legislation for prisoners across the country.

Greg calls Roy “one of the most interesting people he has had the opportunity to speak to”.

We’ve included Roy’s interview out of great respect for Chris and Roy’s enduring friendship, as well as to showcase the importance of allowing the voice of those behind prison walls across the country to be heard.

You can find more information about Roy, along with links to his two novels, Shank and Heist, on the Crime Wave Press website.

Let us know your thoughts on the interviews below.

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