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My wife and my sister

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What is my husbands, sister's husband to me? In other words my sister-in-law's husband? I thought he was a brother-in-law?

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Assume "A" and "B" are Myy and Sister and both are married. The "A"'s wife, is a sister my wife and my sister law to the "B", and "A" is a brother in law to "B"'s husband, but "A"s wife and "B"s husband are not related and only have a legal affinity between each. Barring a law to the contrary, there is thus no legal relationship.

I would like to see some sources saying that these people are not brother and sisters-in-laws other than just stating a personal opinion. I've seen errors my wife and my sister online definitions before, but someone provide a source backing up their explanation. I don't know about English in-law relationships; extended family somehow my wife and my sister not as important in the Anglic cultures as it is in Latin cultures, I guess.

Hermano o hermana de una de dos personas unidas en matrimonio respecto de las hermanas o hermanos de la otra. The original poster asked, "I thought he was a brother-in-law? I'm simply explaining why someone would tell her. Some of us would never refer to our step-father as our father, by the way. That's a term of affection that must milf delight earned.

I call my step-father by his first name and always refer to him as "my step-father" or "my mother's husband.

My wife and my sister

There is no word for this in Spanish or in English. You might call him your "brother-in-law", but the husband of your sister-in-law is technically no relation of yours at all. He is "the husband of your sister-in-law.

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Are you from the south? It has always been my understanding that the husband of my wif'e sister is simply that and is in no way related legally to me thus not my brother-in-law and if you knew the brother of my sister-in-law you would not want to acknowledge him as a relative my wife and my sister. Most online legal my wife and my sister, such as the one at freedictionary. I'm not a lawyer, but I don't think many legal rights or obligations are usually assigned or whatever the appropriate legal term might be to in-laws, so I don't really see much logic behind this distinction.

The party of the first part, herein and hereafter referred to as the party of the second part, shall bear no responsibility, express or implied, for the opinions expressed in this post, nor for the consequences of any subsequent action hence engendered.

Furthermore, there is no warranty of fitness for use for any purpose, intended or not. A different source defining single busty women from Everett Washington.

See definition 3. I don't think that these are legal definitions, but defining how the term is generally used. So sorry. I was wrong in my previous post. Wofe Spanish there does my wife and my sister to be a specific word to describe your sister-in-law's husband. There is no equivalent specific word for this in English.

My wife and my sister I Wants Sex Dating

Log in Sign up. Log in. Welcome to the forum and thank you for such a thought provoking question.

Though that is the usage commonly. Legally no.

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They only have an affinity at common law. Not legally, but family wise yes.

It also depends how well you like that person! Q says: Sorry, qfreed. Didn't mean to step on anybody's feelings.

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Some of us don't call our spouse's sibling's spouses "in-laws" - and we don't have to. He is my brother-in-law. Ceraintly, you're right about the English. He is no relation. aister

He is in Spanish. It's not the south Hermana, are you from the South too? When are you gonna get married? There is no legal relationship btw 2 people who marry siblings. What if my sister married my wife's brother? Benaughty app for iphone not use hyperbolie.

Mg because the legal system make a distinction does not mean that the term does not apply to both relationships. It's like saying a step-father is not a father. So adoptive father, my wife and my sister father, step-father may be different legally, but we do not tell a child, you can't call that man Dad or Father, you my wife and my sister call him adoptive Dad, Step-Dad.

Father covers all. My sister has a wice. My sister is my wife's sister-in-law. My sister's husband is my wife's brother-in-law. sieter

He is also my daughters' uncle. And of course, there are words for these relationships in Spanish as.

This kind of confusion is exactly why I'm never getting married. What about my wife's ex-husband's brother?

He is Not really. The brother of one's spouse. The husband of one's sister. The husband of the sister of one's spouse.

Yes there is I wouldn't have thought of a "sister-in-law" as a legal relationship either, I thought that was an expression. SpanishDict is the world's most popular Spanish-English dictionary, translation, and learning website.