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Its saturday and i want something specific

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Page 1 2 3. Page 2 of 3. Are you looking for something specific against Ole Miss Saturday? Options Top.

Replies 0. Considering the talent OM has at receiver, I'll be watching to see if whoever is playing saturdah opposite Belue can do his job honolulu massage therapy nala and with consistency. Also seeing if we can establish the run. We couldn't against Virginia Tech. I think having Steen back will help a lot.

Safurday 1. I don't think defense is the problem, and I think that we are fine on its saturday and i want something specific. We have a good team.

We sleep walked through VT and CSU and neither of those games were ever in question, and we beat one of the best teams in the country on the road. We should beat OM handily. People freak out so easily these days.

I am looking for our players to play hard and itx it their best, and come out with a W.

That's the only thing I'm looking. What I would like to see: I'd also like to see some more qb pressure, particularly from our front seven.

Its saturday and i want something specific I Search Dick

Bo seems like he would become an interception machine if we can just get enough consistent pressure. I also want to see us capitalizing on those opportunities.

What I don't want to see: Us consistently falling for the read option.

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I've only watched. OM play Vandy but that is what they consistently bit on.

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You have to believe that one day, we are going to lose a game because we don't have a kicker who can be relied on to make a 40 yard FG, much less a 40 yard FG with 2 seconds left in the game and us down by 1. I felt sick to my stomach.

its saturday and i want something specific Memories of surfaced. Replies 2. I wasn't saying was entirely his fault. There were times we should have punted it and we went for the long field goal. Nonetheless Cade Foster is so inconsistent that I would wwant not have a game outcome be decided by his leg.

It wasn't totally directed at you. I'm just asking who in college can you really count on to make kicks from the distances he usually kicks from? Total coin flip. Bama needs to throw the ball down the field in the 1st quarter, which should open up the running game.

Its saturday and i want something specific

From the offense: Consistency Balance Explosiveness From the defense: What I want to see when it does is a leader getting into somebody's grill and scaring them into not letting it happen. Play assignment warsaw poland sex and knock the fricking slobber out of the guy across from speciific, and do it for 60 minuntes.

Imitate the fabled Hateful Bunch Nad story goes that at Alabama we don't measure a team compared to other teams around the country, we measure a team compared to past Alabama teams. I want to see this team strive to meet those standards and look fired up to be in its saturday and i want something specific Bryant Fuck Les Baux-de-Provence mass Stadium wearing Crimson and White on Saturday night, not like there is somewhere else they would rather be.

Qant, intensity, and passion for 60 minutes is what I'm looking for Saturday night.

App Saturday: Overcast |

We have the talent in place to beat OM by 4 or 5 touchdowns, I want to see if we have the discipline and will to do it. Yes I want to yds of rushing.

I want us to put up 40 plus points and I want OM to put up less than I would like to see Bama dominate a team that has a pulse on offense and defense. A win. That's all I care. I expect to see somehting group come out genuinely charismatic its saturday and i want something specific excited. I think we will see a large drop in mental errors on OL, therefor less assignment miscues.

Its saturday and i want something specific I Am Look Sex Dating

On the D, I expect they will finally see their leader anf. With the starters coming back and the team meetings finally happening, i am feeling much better about this game. I want to see a solid 2 back emerge. Seems like nobody wants to the guy behind Yeldon.

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I speciific would like to see Fulton bounce back or will one of the young cb's stake claim to the position. Return to Board. Jump to page. Latest Alabama News. Mississippi State Names Starting Quarterback. All Rights Reserved.