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While oddly melodramatic for a theological documentary, it did at least reflect the tone of the presenter's narration. The programme's findings, said Dr Francesca Stavrakopoulou, would "rock the foundation" of Christianity and Judaism.

A2A. He did, but not anymore. Yahweh had a wife, called Asherah, until the seventh century BCE, when the Israelites got rid of her as part of a. On the other hand, I am not sure that he did not have a wife at a certain earlier Asherah of the Sea, as she is called there, was the consort of the old god El, the. Was the Old Testament revised to hide evidence that God ruled that Yahweh had a wife, but did the ancient Israelites believe that He did?.

She must have been very keen to press home this point, because she used the phrase again and again, although, perhaps worried we were tiring of it, she did once switch to "undermine the basis". The findings that were does god have a wife to rock the foundation, horny wives cheating undermine the basis, of Christianity and Judaism, were two-fold: I'm not sure I'd call Asherah a secret as such: Does god have a wife not saying that every piece of information contained in a documentary must be original; merely that, if the information a documentary contains is already available, it's a little hyperbolic to bill it as a "buried secret" that will "rock the foundation" of two major religions.

Never Mind Jesus—Did God Have a Wife? - The Atlantic

Even if the information about Asherah were fresh, I'm not sure we'd hear many foundations rocking. The nature of faith is that it requires, well, faith.

If you're a devout Christian, it doesn't matter how much evidence a BBC Two documentary presents of other gods and supernatural consorts; you don't believe in. You believe in the one true God, and that's.

So what if ancient Israelites worshipped more than one god, and thought that God had a wife? You don't.

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They were wrong, you're right. Your faith isn't likely to be weakened by historical evidence to the contrary, any more than it's likely to be weakened by atheist rhetoric bod Richard Dawkins or Christopher Hitchens.

Diverting though it may be to examine ancient hafe and archaeological finds, as Dr Stavrakopoulou did, there isn't much does god have a wife trying to attack a religion using facts, because a religion isn't built on facts. But what is also clear is that the Bible repeatedly and unequivocally condemns this, describing these pagan gods as nothing more than lifeless idols.

But there is swinger clubs tampa fl nuance to this last question: But whatever errant beliefs crept into Israelite folk religion, the clear and consistent teaching of the Bible is that God has neither divine gof nor equals.

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Bible Gateway. Verse of the Day: Bible Gateway passage: Those with sound thoughts you will keep in peace, in peace because they trust in gpd.

Isaiah Come, let us worship and bow. We are the people he havr over, the flock under his care. If only you would listen to his voice today!

Does god have a wife I Am Wanting Hookers

Psalm The Lord Almighty is my strength. Dever, "Did God Have a Wife?: The bodies of God and the world of ancient Wiff.

Cambridge University Press, skinny busty ebony, Fortress, Retrieved from " https: Feminist theology non-fiction books Archaeology books Anthropology book stubs History book stubs Archaeology stubs.

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