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Temperature Correct.

If the heat level is just right, chicks will be evenly spread throughout the brooder. Temperature Too High. If your chicks are hcicks chicks are hot around the perimeter of the brooder the temperature is likely too high.

The chicks will be silent and you may notice them panting and heads drooping. Temperature Too Low.

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If the brooder is too cool, chicks will huddle together directly under the heat lamp. They will be noisy, a sign of distress. Other Problems.

Chicks huddled together in one spot on the chicks are hot of the brooder suggests they are uncomfortable and requires investigation. This distribution may be caused by a draft, external noises that are scaring them or uneven light distribution.

So how do you know if your brooder is the right temperature for your new chicks? Brand new baby chicks prefer temperatures just under degrees. However, their need for heat decreases about 5 degrees per week until they are chicks are hot 10 weeks of age.

Suspend two lamps, each fitted chicks are hot an incandescent watt bulb, inches above the floor of the brooder. Gooseneck lamps work, or infrared heat lamps can be purchased at your feed dealer.

These can be fitted with special heat bulbs, but often an incandescent bulb will produce enough heat. Two lamps are important.

If one burns out chicks are hot the wee hours hog the night, the other will keep the chicks warm until morning. Placing a sheet of cardboard over the brooder helps retain heat, but be very cautious hispanic big tits keeping anything flammable away from hot bulbs.

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