Our Mission

From the Oxford Dictionary: Justice (noun) "The quality of being fair and reasonable."

The United States justice system is often hailed as the best in the world. Our Constitution is a remarkable achievement, a cornerstone for humanity adopted by many countries. By and large, the system works; it is, indeed, fair and reasonable. Though, like anything governed by mankind, there are flaws that often result in unfairness: injustices.

The case of the State of Mississippi vs. Christopher Roy is one of those injustices.

The Unjust Element will show that Chris deserves a new trial, that the system erred in convicting him of murder. We invite you to see the facts of the case, as well as get to know Chris as a person, and help us in our mission to find legal representation for a filing in the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.

 Please Note: The Unjust Element (this site), and all corresponding social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc,), along with any promotions or correspondence relating to Ue, or Chris' novels, are managed solely by a team of volunteer supporters and not Chris himself.  

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